Vol 1, No 2 (2018)

An Identification of Figurative Language Found in Students’ Writing; A Case Study in Writing III Course English Education Department

The purpose of this study is to identify figurative language found in students’ writing and also to identify what kind of figurative language that dominantly used by them. The population of this study is all of students fourth semesters (the second year) at English Education Department UNIPA and the sample of this research are 15 students who enroll in writing 3 course This research use Descriptive qualitative method. The result show that there are 63 sentences with figurative language found in students writing , topic 1 the use of figurative language are Simile (6 sentences), Metaphor (5 sentences), hyperbole (5 sentences), and personification (1 sentence) while in topic 2 the use of figurative language are simile (16 sentences), metaphor (9 sentences), hyperbole (15 sentences), and metonymy (1 sentence).The dominant type of figurative language use in students’ writing are Simile and Hyperbole

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